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IMPORTANT Raiding Rules & Cannoning Rules

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Chat Rules |


Advertising is not tolerated in our public chat, personal messages, faction descriptions or faction chat. It is the act of attempting to get other players to join another server through sending a link to that server’s discord, website or store. You’re allowed to speak about other server events.

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

DDoS, Dox or S.W.A.T Threats

Any form of DDoS, dox or swat threats directed towards another player or posted in chat, in general, is not tolerated. This includes releasing personal information about players. We have zero toleration for any of this activity and will harshly punish anyone who is either caught doing these things or involving themselves with these kinds of people. We also do not tolerate any sort of joking about this matter, it is punishable as well.

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Blacklist

Death Wishes, Death Threats or Suicide Encouragement

Any form of threatening, wishing or encouraging someone to either hurt themselves physically, mentally or emotionally, wish them to pass away or threaten to kill or hurt them. Attempting to bypass this rule in any manner will result in the same punishment.

  • 1st Offence: 6 Hour Temporary Mute.
  • 2nd Offence: 12 Hour Temporary Mute.
  • 3rd Offence: 24 Hour Temporary Mute.

Spamming or Creating Spam

Any form of spamming chat such as flooding chat with 3 or more different messages at the same time, spamming characters in a single or concurrent messages and using an excessive amount of capital letters in the same or concurrent messages is not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: Warning.
  • 2nd Offense: 1 Hour Temporary Mute.
  • 3rd Offense: 6 Hour Temporary Mute.


Tricking someone into thinking that you are a staff member or another player for personal gain or gain for your faction is not tolerated. This includes trying to obtain spawners, money, paypal, buycraft or valuable items. Any attempts to bypass this rule in any manner will result in immediate punishment.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 3 Day Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 1 Week Temporary Ban

IRL Trading

Players are not allowed to advertise that they are selling things on the server for in real life money or any forms of currency outside of the server. If you try to bypass this you will still be punished.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 3 Day Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 7 Day Temporary Ban

Malicious, Inappropriate or Suspicious Links

Any type of link that either maliciously gathers a players personal information or downloads malware onto their computer to cause damage or harm to their computer is prohibited.

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Mute & Ban Evasion

Using alternate accounts is by all means allowed on our servers, but abusing alternate accounts to bypass a mute or a ban is a ban for that account. The use of VPNs are not allowed either to bypass your ban or mute.

  • 1st Offense (Ban Evasion): Permanent Ban
  • 1st Offense (Mute Evasion): Mute for the length of the first Mute
  • 2nd Offense (Mute Evasion): Permanent Ban

Racial, Discriminative, Homophobic or Derogatory Slurs

Any form of being racial, discriminative, homophobic or derogatory towards another player is not allowed. If they’re used in a matter to offend or hurt another player on the server. If you attempt to bypass this in any way shape or form the same punishment will be given.

  • 1st Offense (Minor): 1 Hour Temporary Mute
  • 2nd Offense (Minor): 3 Hour Temporary Mute
  • 3rd Offense (Minor): 12 Hour Temporary Mute

  • 1st Offense (Major): 1 Hour Temporary Mute
  • 2nd Offense (Major): 12 Hour Temporary Mute
  • 3rd Offense (Major): 24 Hour Temporary Mute

Report or Help Command Misuse

Any spam or misuse of the /report or the /helpop command is not allowed. Any abuse of this system to bypass punishment will be dealt with accordingly.

  • 1st Offense: Warning
  • 2nd Offense: 1 Hour Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 6 Hour Temporary Ban

General Rules |

AFKing Walls

Using either your main account or an alternate account to AFK your faction base walls to prohibit other factions trying to raid you their ability to fly or vice versa is not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: The account will be teleported to spawn
  • 2nd Offense: Warning and Kicked
  • 3rd Offense: 1 Hour Temporary Ban


Under no circumstances should two or more factions be participating in the same active raid. This includes being on walls and watching while a faction raids, pvping and attempting to stop the defending faction from patching or defending, or using any cannon or TNT of your own on the defending base while another faction is attempting to raid them. This includes all types of cannons. You may not be a part of the raid at all and failure to abide by these rules may result in a possible rollback of the raid, faction strikes, and player punishments. If a faction is caught spectating or interfering with the raid actively going on, staff have the right to teleport said players away from the raid and back to spawn as a first warning.

  1. There must be a one hour cooldown between the last shot a faction fires, and the first shot a second faction fires on a base. This is to give the defenders somewhat of a chance to prepare for the second raid.
  2. You may not interfere with the attacking faction. First one to begin raiding may not be victims to interference in anyway (Attempting to defend themselves, killing the opposing faction or attempting the other factions cannon box).
  3. You’re not allowed to ally in PvP with another faction at KoTHS, Conquest and Castle.

  • 1st Offense (Raiding): Faction that is getting raided will be rolled back and faction warnings will be given out
  • 1st Offense (PvP): 14 Day Temporary Ban to the players involved in the allying

Alt Factions

Having multiple factions is not allowed whatsoever. Some examples of what is not allowed are the following:

  1. AFKing spawners
  2. Storing TNT
  3. Sharing value

  • 1st Offense: Management Discretion


Any use of an autoclicker is strictly forbidden on factions. This includes software and macros affiliated with your mouse, as well as modifying the mouse to double click.

  • 1st Offense: 30 Day Temporary Ban

Blowing up spawners

Blowing up your spawners to bypass the tax of mining them is not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Week Temporary Ban and spawner’s blown up removed.
  • 2nd Offense: - 2 Week Temporary Ban and spawner’s blown up removed.
  • 3rd Offense - Permanent Ban and spawner’s blown up removed.

Botting, Scripting or Automated Work

Any form of botting, scripting, automating or using macros is strictly prohibited on the factions gamemode. Players can use OQ or VPS’s to AFK their spawner’s and farms. Players cannot do the following:

  1. Spam Public Chat, Messages, Creating Factions and Disbanding them, Mass opening Keys or Crates
  2. Mining, Farming, Selling or Scripting

  • 1st Offense: Admin Discretion

Cobwebs at KoTH

Using cobwebs at koth to not take any knockback and not get knocked from koth. If you’re found to try bypassing this rule you will still be punished.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 3 Day Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Cobble Monstering

Any form of using lava and water to create a cobblestone structure, which was made to cause harm and frustration for the other faction.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Week Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 2 Week Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: Admin Discretion

Exploiting, Duping or Glitching

If players have not reported a bug, and are abusing it to harm other players experience or use it for personal gain, this violates our rule. If a faction uses a bug and or exploit to gain access to a factions base, this is also punishable. This includes trying to duplicate or exploit items, value or money.

  • 1st Offense: Admin Discretion
  • 2nd Offense: Management Discretion
  • 3rd Offense: Blacklist

Freezing Minecraft

Freezing your Minecraft to give yourself an advantage over another player in a situation to change the probable outcome is not allowed. If you try to bypass this rule you will still be given the correct punishment.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 3 Day Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 7 Day Temporary Ban

Gameplay Intent

If you, the player, joins in activities that are not within the idea of how the game-mode was designed to be played (this includes but is not limited to: crash the server, cause significant lag, or displaces balance of the server undermining events, information shared in confidence about updates, contests, anything that is implied or understood as unintended game and or exploits, or just overall the spirit of the game or how the game was intended, you can be removed permanently from the server or disqualified from payouts.

  • 1st Offense: Management Discretion


Griefing any server builds such as, but not limited to spawn, warps, darkzone, events etc. Under any circumstances or any exploits, griefing these areas is not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Insiding & Betraying

Insiding is classed as undertaking value from your faction, taking items, or tp’ing members into your base. Betraying is classed under examples of TP’ing enemies into cannon boxes, giving factions information about your base or active time zones times, or unclaiming warzone traps etc. We are punishing for members of a faction taking value from a factions value in the form of blowing them up, mining them, etc. We are also punishing players who teleport enemy factions into your factions main faction base. Players betraying their faction by any means that does not affect their f top value is the leader's problem to deal with.

  • 1st Offense (Insiding): Permanent Ban
  • 1st Offense (Betraying): 30 Day Temporary Ban

Lag Machines

Making or using any form of a lag machine is not allowed. Machines that cause the server to lag will have higher punishments than devices used to lag players out.

  • 1st Offense: Admin Discretion


Leaching is also not allowed and if an admin deems you imposed and took from a raid when you shouldn't have you will serve a punishment. This includes after a faction has been raided only that faction that was the initial one raiding is allowed to loot and take value from the raided factions base. You have to wait until the faction raiding leaves the base that was raided, then the one hour cooldown still applies and you must wait until your faction can start raiding that same faction.

  • 1st Offense: Warning and Player’s caught teleported to Spawn
  • 2nd Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 1 Week Temporary Ban and faction warning will be given out


You are allowed to merge factions, but you cannot merge the faction top value between them. If you merge with faction top value it will all be taken away. All faction top value is to be destroyed if you merge. Merge’s should be moderated by managers or higher.

Some examples of what is allowed to be merged is the following:

  1. Armour, Tools, Weapons and Tools
  2. Members
  3. Faction Names
  4. Valuable Items (Creeper Eggs, Golden Apples, etc.)

Some examples of what is not allowed to be merged are the following:

  1. Spawner’s
  2. Money

  • 1st Offense: Faction Disbanded, Player’s involved banned and Faction Top Value removed

Nether Portal Trapping

Trapping players in a nether portal is not permitted.

  • 1st Offense: 12 Hour Temporary Ban

Patching in Wilderness while being raided

Players in the wilderness while being raided is not allowed at all, either placing blocks outside of your claims to stop or alter the outcome of a raid is also not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Hour Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 3 Hour Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 6 Hour Temporary Ban

Patching Walls with Printer, Stacker or Genbuckets

Patching your walls while being raided with printer, stacker or genbuckets is strictly against the rules as it provides too much of an advantage for the defending faction. Disclaimer, patching walls with printer or genbuckets while you aren’t getting raided is ALLOWED.

  • 1st Offense: 12 Hour Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 3 Day Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Payout Boosting

Doing BuyCraft deals for ridiculous amounts (for example $0.01 for 10 billion) is not allowed. Giving players or factions, faction value whether for free or in a loan, just to be boosted in faction value or to beat another faction in the weekly payout is considered payout boosting. Loans are not allowed, trades must be made in full at the time of the trade.

  • 1st Offense: Admin Discretion

Printer, Stacker or Genbucket Trapping

Using printer, stacker or genbucket to quickly trap someone whilst playing is not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: 3 Day Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: 7 Day Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Raid detectors

Any use of raid detectors by a third party software, or in-game detection methods is not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: Admin Discretion


In-Game scamming is ALLOWED. However, Buycraft scamming is not. Buycraft scamming is only considered punishable if a player buys something off of buycraft for a deal in game and the player does not give the agreed items after the purchase was made. It is NOT considered bannable if you give your items first and the other person runs away with them.

Please note in the case of a player being charged back on:

  1. If the player scammed Buycraft gets charged back on, they do not have to repay the value charged back. They will simply have the rank/item removed.
  2. The player who charged back is to be banned permanently.
  3. The player who traded in-game items will receive their items back.

  • 1st Offense: 14 Day Temporary Ban
  • 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Unfair Advantage

This includes any use of a hacked client, ghost client or illegal mods to give yourself an unfair advantage over another player. Any modifications to any client or mod that will create an advantage over other players are not allowed

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Using printer doing daily challenges

Using printer while doing challenges that involve placing or destroying stuff is not allowed.

  • 1st Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban.
  • 2nd Offense: 1 Week Temporary Ban
  • 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Watering or Blocking up Spawners

Using any type of block or item to block or cover your spawners so they’re unable to be creeper egged or blown up by TNT. Also if you’re to encase your spawner’s inside of water to protect them as well, is not allowed. This includes placing spawners in any unattainable location such as world border or in boxes that aren’t used for the purpose of grinding them.

  • 1st Offense: Blocks or Water around the spawners removed
  • 2nd Offense: 15 Minute Temporary Ban and Blocks or Water around the spawners removed

Screenshare Policy

If you log out while frozen, delete files, empty or edit your recycle bin, disable common logging functions on your PC, delete or edit browser history, change settings, disable or edit windows logging, start, refresh, or end windows processes, alter game specific logs while frozen or before a screenshare you will be permanently banned for tampering with evidence. If you are caught cheating in a screenshare after refusing to admit to it you will receive a permanent ban. If you are caught with the following non-cheating related files and or programs on your computer you will be blacklisted as well. These kinds of files include any sort of database regarding Minecraft servers, IP lists, any sort of file containing information of a Minecraft player, or any evidence related to illegal activities regarding another player, you will be permanently blacklisted in-game, and permanently blacklisted from buycraft. We have a zero tolerance policy against any sort of illegal activity regarding the safety and privacy of our players. If you are unable to download programs because you lack administrative permissions, or have disabled certain actions with downloading programs you will be banned. If we find possible evidence of you attempting to hide something in a "private folder" and you disallow us to view it you will be banned. Examples can include us finding "privatephotos.exe" inside of a random picture folder, and you refuse to let us view it, you will be banned. All screenshares are recorded. If you wish to not have the screenshare recorded, we will not screenshare you, and you will be permanently banned from our network.

  • 1st Offense (Refusal to SS): Permanent Ban
  • 1st Offense (Logging out whilst Frozen): Permanent Ban
  • 1st Offense (Deleting or Editing Files): Permanent Ban
  • 1st Offense (Database or Booter): Blacklist
  • 1st Offense (Unfair Advantage): Permanent Ban
  • 1st Offense (Admitting): 30 Day Temporary Ban
Raiding Rules |

Buffer limit:
30 chunks
Cannon Speed limit: 3 seconds

General Raiding

  • Left and Right Shooting are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Reversing is ALLOWED.
  • Redstone Checkboxes are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Cannons that are made or used to intentionally lag the server are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Cannons that shoot on or past world border are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Any defenses to do with redstone. Including pistons pushing blocks from behind an enclosed box is NOT ALLOWED
  • Factions may only remove their spawners while being raided by mining them and paying the tax. Using any other method to avoid this tax is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Printer, stacker or gen patching whilst being raided is NOT ALLOWED.
  • You must wait 10 minutes from the last shot before you’re ALLOWED to patch with gen buckets or printer. This rule applies for cannon boxes as well as bases.
  • You must wait 1 hour after a faction last shot at a base to attempt that base.
  • 1 stackers do not need to abide by the 3-second rule, they can be as fast as you want.
Cannon Limits
  • Automatic cannons are ALLOWED for Y:10 and below. Any higher will be subject to punishment
    1. This means the barrel must be below Y:10 and the cannon must stack a maximum of 10 sand or below.
  • Pre-stacked sand is ALLOWED.
  • A cannon may not have 3 or more sand comps (You may have two).
  • You can not have a cannon that shoots through more than 1 wall or reverse layer per button press. (1 wall per button press is ALLOWED but two is NOT ALLOWED).
  • Cannons that are “exploit” cannons must exploit a base issue and not a server side issue. Subject to interpretation by higher staff.
  • Roof cannons are NOT ALLOWED unless it exploits a player made issue. For example, a roof built at the wrong Y level. Roof cannons are described as any cannon that shoots TNT and/or sand at or above Y:255.
  • You cannot use multiple cannons to raid a base unless they are used for different functions. For example (one stacker with a reverse nuke behind is ALLOWED, however, a 200 stacker behind another 200 stackers is NOT ALLOWED).
    1. This applies to cannons on all parallel x, y, and z values owned by cohorting factions.
    2. Using a cannon to fire anywhere at a factions buffer counts as a raid attempt and requires the use of the same cannon.
  • Cannons need to abide by the 3-second rule implemented currently. This includes any button spammers attached to a cannon must at least be 3 seconds, regardless of whether or not you are holding down the button.
  • A faction can only use one cannon concurrently (one cannon firing at any one time).
  • No more than 1 faction is allowed to attempt one certain base at a time, whether this is firing at the actual base or raid claims of the attempting faction or counterclaims of the faction being raided.

Raid and Counterclaim Rules

  • The max amount of raid claims a factions box can be is based on how large the base you are raiding than adding 5 chunks to that. For example; There is a 4x4 base, you can have a 9x9 raid claim, and so on.
  • Raid claims must be used for the intent to raid the faction only. You are permitted to have one sole raid claim per base. Having multiple claims on a base will result in all but 1 being removed by a staff member. This is to free up space and allow more than a couple of factions to attempt to raid a base of interest.
  • Any raid claim 150 or more chunks away from the faction that you are raidings edge of the buffer does not count towards the 1 raid claim per base rule. You are free to have more than one provided they are 150 or more chunks away from that factions edge of the buffer.
  • Anti-raid claims must be at least 5 chunks away from your last claim of your buffer, and may only be the same size as the raid claim of the faction that is raiding you add 2 more chunks. For example: if the raid claim is 5x5 your anti raid claim can be 7x7. Anti raid claims are any claims that have an active counter cannon in it, outside of your buffer.
  • Counter cannons inside of your buffer are ALLOWED.
  • claims are NOT ALLOWED to be within a straight line of your base +5 chunks. (If you have a base that's 6 chunks wide and next to world border, you are NOT ALLOWED any claims within 11 chunks of the world border).
  • Only claims you are permitted to have outside your own base are anti-raid claims.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to defend your buffer in the wilderness outside of your claim. This includes patching an enemy factions float.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to printer, stacker or genbucket patch while being raided this includes defending anti-raid claims and raid claims with these methods.
  • You must wait 10 minutes after a shot has been fired to genbucket and printer patch.
  • You must wait 30 minutes after a shot has been fired to use the stacker feature.
  • You are only ALLOWED to fire at a cannon or base from one side at any one given time
  • Shooting from behind at a cannon box is NOT ALLOWED, neither is floating behind a cannon box.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to claim your float outside of your raid claim.

Corner Rules

  • Whoever claims the actual corner, will get the corner. All you need is one claim in the physical corner. You can then do /f claim corner.
  • Your faction may only have 1 corner at a time.
  • Cheating to get a corner will result in an unclaim.

Base & Buffer Rules

  • The max amount of buffer a faction is allowed to have is 30 chunks in each direction starting from the base wall. If you’re found to have a buffer exceeding this limit those illegal chunks will be unclaimed.
  • There must be a 50 chunk gap in between the end of a faction’s buffer for their base and a neighboring base. This excludes your own faction having 2 bases next to each other which is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Boxes along the corner of the walls don’t count as part of the main base. Any boxes in the buffer don’t count as a base, regardless if they have value or not.
  • Redstone checkboxes are NOT ALLOWED, doing so will result in world edited out and possible punishment to whoever created it.
  • Regens are NOT ALLOWED and do not work.
  • Gap bases or cannon boxes are NOT ALLOWED.
  • You must use the same base for the entirety of the map
  • You cannot make a new base each week after payout

Faction Strikes & Punishments

We will be redoing the way we handle faction strikes on the VanityMC Network. After the last few previous maps on Factions specifically, certain factions have been breaking major rules impacting the game-mode entirely. Now we have a set list of what is a strike and how severe a strike will be given. There will be a tier system of how much a certain offense will be worth as a strike. And the system will work as shown:

Simple Offences (Worth - 1 Point):

  • Blowing up spawners with TNT or Creeper Eggs whilst being raided.
  • Printer or Gen Bucket Patching.
  • Blocking up spawners with blocks to protect them.
  • 15 Faction Bans.

Moderate Offences (Worth - 3 Points):

  • Allying.
  • Leeching.
  • 20 Faction Bans.
  • Cannoning from Behind.
  • Using 2 cannons to raid a factions base.
  • Using an autocannon.
  • Using a cannon that shoots too fast.
  • Raid detectors.
  • Lag Machine

Major Offences (Worth - 6 Points):

  • Duping.
  • Exploiting Glitches and/or Bugs (Game Breaking).
  • Alt Factions.
  • Merging.
  • Payout Complications (Boosting and Low Buycraft Deals).
  • 25 Faction Bans.
  • DDoSing, Doxing or Swatting (Illegal Activities).


  1. These points will be recorded in your /f who, nothing else will happen other than your strikes being recorded. [3] Points
  2. These points will be recorded in your /f who, your faction will be disqualified from the current week’s payout. [6] Points
  3. These points will be recorded in your /f who, your faction will have 25% of their current value on faction top removed and destroyed and be disqualified from that current week's payout. [9] Points
  4. These points will be recorded in your /f who, your faction will have 25% of their current value on faction top removed and destroyed and be disqualified from the current and all the following week's payout. [12] Points
  5. These points will be recorded in your /f who, your faction will be disbanded and anything you reclaim after that such as, your name, base, the value will be removed again. [15] Points.
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