MAP 2 | FEBRUARY 3rd | 12 PM PST - 3 PM EST

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    Hello all PVPERA fighters!

    I am happy to announce the PVPERA MAP 2 release! Get ready for some amazing FTOP payouts. Stay tuned, invite your friends, and make sure to keep on fighting!
    Saturday, February 3rd at 3 PM EST (12 PM PST)


    Be sure to upload our trailer for a free legendary key [$12 Value], use the format below!
    Post your trailers in #trailer-upload [in discord] with your username beside them.
    Youtube Upload Title
    PVPERA Map 2 | $1500 FTOP | February 3rd
    Youtube Video Description
    Releases Saturday, February 3rd @ 3 PM EST (12 PM PST)
    Get a free Legendary Key [$12 Value] if you upload the trailer and have more than 100 subscribers!
    Download Link:!MmRFlB7D!rtJI3KxfXme5c7jPDpOOjbOg5Al6B6qRptcZSJ4ZH6c

    For the RESET of February 3rd 2018, there will be a 70% off sale running until February 5th.
    Be wary of discord announcements for an upcoming 85% off sale right when the server opens!

    Overworld Border: 12,500 x 12,500
    Nether Border: 7,500 x 7,500
    End Border: 5,000 x 5,000
    7 day grace period
    Yes that means 12 corners

    - Amazing new spawn.
    - PVP optimized warzone.
    - Flat end.
    - Pushed new anticheat.
    - Added CoinFlip
    - Changed website Spam protections.
    - New GUIs.
    - Extreme bug fixes on multiple plugins.
    - KoTH loots have been changed.
    - Supply crate drop times have been changed.
    - Supply crate loot have been changed.
    - Better messaging theme.
    - Combat loggers will be instakilled.
    - Genbucket pricing has changed.
    - New lottery system which allows higher wages.
    - Voting crate percentages have changed.
    - Rare crate percentages have changed.
    - Ultra crate percentages have changed.
    - Mythical crate percentages have changed.
    - Legendary crate percentages have changed.
    - Gapple cooldown has been placed. 2 minute cooldown, subject to change.
    - Nether blaze spawners no longer spawn.

    Loganeric -> Promoted to Moderator
    Scruple -> Removed from staff [And banned]
    AlexN1nja -> Removed from staff
    Lemagzz -> Removed from staff
    TwiceWeiss -> Has respectfully resigned from owner and left the minecraft pc community.
    We are always looking for more staff, so make sure to apply!
    Helper Application:

    1st Place |
    $750 Buycraft or $500 Paypal
    2nd Place | $500 Buycraft or $200 Paypal
    3rd Place | $250 Buycraft or $50 Paypal

    Thank you for reading and remember to fight on!