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Josh_S Helper Application


Discord*: Z Josh#6965
Telegram: ZJosh
Timezone*: UK (GMT/BST)
Native language*: English
Quality of English (1-10)*: 10

Amount of hours you are able to dedicate to PvPEra?* I could dedicate up to 10 hours on school holidays and weekends and anywhere up to 6 hours on school days, depending on how much homework I have as i will be focusing on school over games as i am entering my GCSE's, if my faction plays actively i could achieve pretty decent hours daily (which is looking likely at the moment).

Do you have past Moderation experience? If yes, what could you bring from that past experience here to PvPEra?* I have a small amount of experience on other servers however not a huge amount, I must admit, nonetheless on the severs i did moderate I was never disliked by the players.

Have you been banned from PvPEra before? If yes, what was the reason and when were you banned?* I haven't

Do you have knowledge of screensharing & finding hacked/ghost clients on player's computers?* I have some knowledge but could do with a couple touch ups here and there, yet I still have enough experience to catch most players that aren't hiding something extremely well, in my opinion.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?* I am very determined and take on any obstacle in my way, I am self disciplined and can control myself when people start disrespecting me and I don't change my mind and do as I'm recommended if i believe it is right, however I do what i think is right. You should pick me because I'm better.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for PvPEra?* I think I relate to the server as a person, because we are both growing and improving drastically, I think i would fit in with the players on the server and we would share mutual respect as players of the server and game. I believe i would get along with the staff and owner and I would not be biased to anyone on the server, including my own faction.