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IMPORTANT How to file a Player Report (17/6/2019)

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Aggelos S.

Reporting a player that broke the rules of PvPEra is crucial in order to maintain a safe and fair for everyone server.

In the following list, you will find an updated copy of our current rules that apply to everyone with absolutely no exceptions:

If you catch a player breaking any of the rules listed above, please create a new thread, paste the following questions inside the new thread and answer each one of them.

Rich (BB code):
What is YOUR Minecraft Username:*
1. What is the Minecraft Username of the player you are reporting:*
2. What rule was violated:*
3. Details (the more, the better):*
4. Evidence (make sure the type of the evidence is accepted):*
Accepted types of Evidence
  • The evidence specified must clearly show the offender's name and their misbehaviour.
  • The evidence must show the entire Minecraft window and must not be modified or cropped at all.
  • Allowed media:
    • Videos of the incident (unmodified) (recommended)
    • Screenshots of the incident (full-screen, unmodified, uncropped)
  • Not allowed media:
    • Minecraft Chat logs (unless to back up the authenticity of the allowed media types above. Must in no way be used as sole, primary evidence.
    • Modified content (cropped) (Example: if somebody is advertising or spamming, do not crop the window to show the chat only. It must show what you are looking at that exact moment)
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