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Browniies_ Helper Application

Username*: Browniies_
Age*: 16
Discord*: Synchronic_#2389
Telegram: Discord
Timezone*: AU
Native language* : English
Quality of English (1-10)*: 10

Amount of hours you are able to dedicate to PvPEra?* 8 hours on school days and 12 on weekends
Do you have past Moderation experience? If yes, what could you bring from that past experience here to PvPEra?* Yes,
**What do you feel you can bring to the PvPEra Staff Team?**
There are many qualities that I can bring to the PvPera Staff Team. The main thing, being activeness. Being from Australia and living in different time zones to most staff members on the Factions server I feel that I can fill in that spot of monitoring the public chat and giving a helping hand to the many users that log on during the times when a Factions staff member is either busy or sleeping. Therefore, I believe that being able to fill in the times when a staff member is offline is a crucial factor in what I can bring to the PvPEra Staff Team as I have witnessed people breaking chat rules such as spamming, advertising and arguing. This happens on a weekly basis where players see that staff is not online and take advantage of it.
Another quality that I can bring to the Factions PvPEra Staff team is my passion of playing Factions and helping new and older players with everyday questions that they may have such as “Quick money-making tips”. I have an ardent desire to help others through improving their knowledge of their game by passing down my experience of the game mode with the best ways of starting your Faction, how to setup an efficient grinder or base design which allows them to make the maximum money a grinder can make. Hence, I believe my passion for the Factions game mode and helping others will be a key factor in what I can bring to the Factions PvPEra staff team by sharing my knowledge of the game with them.
Have you been banned from PvPEra before? If yes, what was the reason and when were you banned?* No
Do you have knowledge of screensharing & finding hacked/ghost clients on player's computers?* Yes
Why should we choose you over other applicants?*
Thirdly, my strongest attribute that I can bring to the PvPEra Staff Team is my determination. I challenge myself to take on the obstacles that I may face and take them head-on and do what is needed to accomplish these obstacles. For example, if I were to be accepted into the staff team I would be taking a great leap in my experience of the game mode and having more responsibilities such as being a role model to new and old players on how to act to certain situations such as an advertiser or how to manage a argument in the public chat from erupting. I have always enjoyed stepping up and demonstrating my skills with new tasks. Consequently, I believe my strongest attribute that I can bring to the PvPEra Staff team which is determination can benefit both the Factions community and the PvPEra Staff Team as I would be willingly to accept any obstacles that would be thrown at me if I were to be apart of the staff team.

Thus, I believe there are many things that I can bring to the Staff team such as activeness where I can be online on times where other staff members may be asleep or too busy to come online to deal with matters, my passion of playing Factions and helping others and my determination by stepping up and demonstrating and giving my knowledge to the inexperienced players and current Factions staff who may not understand how to tackle a certain situation.
Why do you think you would be a good fit for PvPEra?* Both my strong determination and knowledge would prove to be a good fit for an upbringing server such as PvPEra, where as new servers need strict moderation and also sometimes Abit of feedback on how the server should be changed. I who have both 6 years of faction knowledge and multiple staff experience on different servers, feel I am capable of taking up this position and broaden the PvPEra community .


I like the idea of an odd-timezone staff member, although your application is a bit cluttered. Would be nice to put you on trial period to confirm your hours of play.

Aggelos S.

Congratulations, your application has been accepted. Please send a message to Donald#0001 to schedule an interview.

Congratulations and good luck on your interview! :)