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  1. Donald

    TEMPLATE Helper Application [Template]

    All Helper Applications being submitted must use this format for it to be considered for approval. Failure to do so will result in a denied application and a two-week long application cooldown. Requirements: The application must contain the following template. The applicant must be over 13...
  2. Donald

    IMPORTANT The Start to a New Era [Map 5]

    PvPEra Factions Map 5 Hello, Fighters, I know a lot of you were excited about Map 5 yesterday, and for that, I want to say sorry. I've let a lot of you down, and I want to address that today in this post. Throughout the week the team and I have been preparing the server to release Saturday...
  3. Donald

    IMPORTANT Raiding Rules & Cannoning Rules

    Chat Rules | Advertising Advertising is not tolerated in our public chat, personal messages, faction descriptions or faction chat. It is the act of attempting to get other players to join another server through sending a link to that server’s discord, website or store. You’re allowed to speak...
  4. Donald

    IMPORTANT General Rules

    PvPEra Rules List These rules are subject to change at any time Screenshare Policy: If you log out while frozen, delete files, empty / edit your recycle bin, disable common logging functions on your PC, delete / edit browser history, change settings, disable or edit windows logging, start...