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    Sorry for writing a book here, you don't have to read the whole thing ... :p

    As this is my first news post on PVPERA, I thought I would introduce myself so you know a little bit about my background.

    Minecraft History

    I’ve been on the Minecraft scene for several years now, I started playing on PS3 ages ago and was instantly addicted. Then I branched out to playing online minigames, factions & skywars on the major servers like many of you. I played a lot on FadeCloud back in the day when DaddyMew was running it.

    Pocket Edition Servers

    Switching gears a little - at this time MCPE (Pocket-Edition) servers were just coming out, but the server software was really immature and buggy. I always had a dream to run my own server, and I thought if I could just get a half-decent PVP server running on pocket-edition, I knew it would be a hit. So taking some time every night after my day job I worked on building a server. If you’ve ever built a server from scratch, you know it’s a lot of work creating the maps, configuring and coding plugins, designing kits, setting up hosting and buycraft, plus many other details. I launched my first MCPE server in 2015, and it was an instant hit! Since then I’ve started a few PC servers, but never anything serious.

    Partnership with Vice

    Then I met Vice (aka TheMobster) earlier this year on MRC, and let him know I was going full-time on Minecraft. Vice has so many connections in the industry, and he’s a PC server veteran with tons of experience, so it’s amazing to be partnering with him. We decided to form a partnership and get behind the PVPEra property which Vice had already created, but shelved due to other priorities.

    The Present

    So that brings us to how it stands today. PVPEra is very young now, and a little rough around the edges (we’ve been online now for only several weeks) but we will be steadily adding, building and maturing it during 2018+ with exciting things to come! The future is exciting because both Vice & I have the business and technical capabilities to grow the PVPEra brand and scale the server to accommodate thousands of players. So stick around to get in on the ground level of something great!

    Now on to the Goodies!!

    Speaking of great things, today we release our new CactusPrinter and ChunkBuster Plugins!!
    TYSM our Developer Ollie who made all this possible.

    == [Chunk Buster] ==

    A Chunk Buster is an item that you place inside of your claimed land. When you place it, the entire chunk that you placed it in will be deleted. Very useful for trenching for your base.


    == [Cactus Printer] ==

    Each wave of the Cactus Printer Wand will auto-generate a very productive 16x16x16 cactus farm for you automatically! Click on a block inside your claimed land:


    Thank you for reading, and Happy New Years from all PVPEra Staff!

    ChunkMiner and Cactus Printers are now available on the store under PERKS
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